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New York seminar talking all things Editing! 

July 26, 2016

Darren has just returned from delivering a seminar for Blackmagic Design at their USA open day in New York. The event was a showcase for all things Blackmagic, with Darren focussing on the editing application in DaVinci Resolve. 

Fakear Music Promo 

July 13, 2016

We recently colour graded this music promo by Fakear for our good Brighton friends and regular visitors to the studio, Tilt. Fakear is a world known producer and this is taken from the album De La Luz. 

Fakear – De La Luz (official video)

DaVinici Resolve training.

November 2, 2012

Darren has just finished training Sue, a freelance colourist who has used Apple Color for years, on the DaVinci Resolve grading suite. The 2 day course covered all the fundamentals and beyond and included an in-depth look at how to use the blackmagic control surface efficiently. Sue successfully applied to Skillset for funding for the course. We have provided bespoke training for many people now on Blackmagic Resolve. Our approach is to train in a non-classroom environment – it is a working grading suite and we train using real projects, long form, commercials, music promos and corporate – whatever suits your needs.

Mammoth Grade on ResolveV9 – no sweat!

October 9, 2012

Online Creative have just completed the grade on a series of 8 x 1 hour programmes for the GCC. The programes all went through our DaVinci resolve suite on the newly released version 9 software update. We have also just added a Panasonic BT300 with Dual link HD and 3D options to our suite, so this was a great first test of the monitor which compliments our Sony BVM D series Grade 1 CRT.

Resolve V9

September 5, 2012

Darren will be at IBC showing off DaVinci Resolve V9 on the Blackmagic Design booth again this year. Online Creative are offering a fast track training programme to get users up to speed on the new Resolve V9 interface after IBC. See our web site for details.

We have just graded a series of 3 TV commercials for a major client (I’m still under NDA so can’t say yet!!) which saw 2 lengths of each plus 9 international versions of each. Resolve V9 handled the project with ease!! Happy client (and happy colourist using a beta version!!).

Euphoria colour grade complete

June 21, 2011

We have just completed the colour grade on the new film, Euphoria, directed by John Howe. The film was shot entirely on RED. Our DaVinci grading suite once again gave us such flexibility in deciding a look for the film. The VFX shots were uploaded to our server during the grade and inserted in as they become available. Blackmagic design have put Online Creative on their beta test programme and the new software was put through its paces on this job. Some of the new features of the beta V8 software were employed immediately, notably noise reduction and stabilisation. The film will be hitting the festival circuit very soon.

Red Union Films

April 20, 2011

Online Creative have just delivered a promo  for broadcast supplier Thomson/Grass Valley showcasing their products in use on the latest feature film from Red Union Films, ‘Powder’. We filmed in Manchester and Liverpool during March and post produced the content at our studios in Brighton. Keeping with our philosophy of trying to keep as much in Brighton as possible we called upon the services of local DoP Laurie Rose, who shot Brighton based film ‘Down Terrace’ and local composer Richard Brincklow for the original score.

DaVinci Resolve puts us ahead for the BBC!

January 25, 2011

We have just completed a grade for the BBC on the first long form HD programme through our new DaVinci Resolve grading suite. 90 minutes and over 700 scenes were conformed and graded utilising the amazing power of the DaVinci suite! We actually completed 4 hours ahead of schedule – unheard of in all my years of experience! Online Creative were the first choice for the BBC after the success of the “Art of Cornwall” programme which we graded on Apple Color. The benefits of using DaVinci Resolve over Color were proven in the fact that we completed the HD grade with 4 hours to spare, allowing us a second pass at the grade with only 5 changes from over 700!

NAB 2010

April 14, 2010

We are digesting new offerings at NAB across various forums. Downloading the newly announced V1.2 update for the Ultrascopes we use here from Blackmagic Design. Avid release Version 5 for Media Composer which should be interesting. We are keeping a very close eye on what’s new for stereoscopic editing with a look at upgrading our facility yet again this year. Online Creative already support stereoscopic editing with Media Composer but we wish to enhance this facility in the coming months.