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BBC Grading at Online Creative

August 29, 2010

“The art of cornwall”, a 90 minute documentary for BBC television will be graded at Brighton post production facility, Online Creative, by Darren Mostyn. The documentary will air in the autumn.


Tape It Or Die

August 13, 2010

The web site has finally gone live for the huge launch of the eagerly awaited game ‘Dead Rising 2’ from Capcom. After nearly a year under non-disclosure agreement, Online Creative can finally announce that all the video content for this site was edited and graded at our post facility in Brighton. We spent about 8 weeks in editing and post production producing a series of HD films for Capcom to promote the follow up to the international best-selling game ‘Dead rising’.

itunes app

August 7, 2010

Two articles I wrote for Final Cut Pro are in a magazine available from the itunes app store.
I have just written a guide to using Apple Color due out in September.